Jesus Turns Up on South Philly Woman’s “Verticals”

Patty Maiellano has found Jesus, but not in the boring, metaphorical sense. Please, that happens every day. I mean she physically found Jesus… on her living room blinds (read: verticals).  Yes, it seems Jesus has chosen to return to earth not in Jerusalem or some other biblical city, but in South Philly. What, you were expecting North Philly?

The image, which depicts a kneeling Jesus in prayer, appeared on New Year’s Eve during Philly’s yearly firework/tempting of death celebration.

Patty explains her sister’s reaction to the Second Coming, “When she saw Jesus on my verticals, she dropped to her knees.” The sisters claim nothing outside their window could have caused the reflection, so it had to be Jesus. In talking with CBS 3, Patty maintains, “This is a complete miracle.”

Hey, at least it wasn’t toast.

Source: CBS3

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