John Bolaris Gone from Fox 29 After Playboy Interview

Daily News is reporting that local weatherman and “man about town” John Bolaris has parted ways with Fox 29.

The rift with his long time news station began after Bolaris gave a candid interview with Playboy magazine, discussing details of his infamous Do-Shot-Gate, where he was apparently drugged and duped for cash by two Eastern European women.

But it was one particular line in the article that seemed to irk Fox. “I’m a guy. There was the thought I might get laid.” Apparently, Fox News doesn’t give brownie points for honesty.

On December 22nd, after the interview was released, Bolaris was indefinitely suspended from Fox 29. The anchor, known for being somewhat of ladies man and having excellent taste in women, refused to weigh in on the suspension and temporarily abandoned is ever-entertaining Twitter account.

But it seems after only a few weeks, Fox and the weatherman have decided to split ways for good.

Hopefully, he’ll spill all of the details on Preston and Steve later this week, that is, if he’s not already back in Miami.


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