130 Pounds of Cocaine Left at Philadelphia Airport

There’s going to be a very angry drug overlord in the Dominican Republic this week.  Nearly 130 pounds of cocaine was intercepted on Sunday at Philadelphia International Airport, making it the airport’s largest drug bust ever.

The cocaine, worth around $4 million, arrived on a flight from the Dominican Republic.  After the passengers had cleared customs, three unmarked duffel bags were left behind.  Authorities brought in a drug-sniffing dog to investigate the suspicious bags and what they found dwarfed the final scene of Scarface.

Allan Martocci, U.S. Customs and Border Protection Port Director for the Area of Philadelphia, expressed concern about how such a large shipment made it to the US.  He praised the action of authorities though, saying “Customs and Border Protection officers remain steadfastly vigilant to stop narcotics here at our border before it can hurt our families and our communities.”

The largest previous bust had been 55 pounds in August of 2000, less than half of what was discovered on Sunday.  Kudos must be given to airport officials for finally doing something right, although the inept criminal who was transporting the coke didn’t give them much of a challenge.

I can only wonder who decided to leave 52 bricks of cocaine behind, but I’m positive whomever it was will surely go the way of Jimmy Hoffa.

Source and Photo: NBC 10

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