Philly’s Red-Light District Can Affect Your Credit

Amsterdam is known for two things: laissez-faire drug laws and their red-light district, where men of international geneses are able to prowl dimly-lit cobbled streets to purchase sexual favors from Russian imports whose English, I’d wager, would be limited, yet startlingly specific.

There are also blue lights flickering in some of these houses of ill repute, but they, to the common man, are to be avoided. Google it.

Philly has it’s own red-light district, of sorts, although, much like everything else in The 215, it’s a less salacious affair, and can be filed under “accounts receivable.” For the past seven years, red-light cameras have been monitoring the precise movements of your precious little Prius.

They were installed to prevent accidents, but, at last count, collisions have increased 12-percent since they first donned our city’s telephone poles. So they serve mainly as ATMs for City Hall. I suppose they’ve also been a boon to the body bag industry, since fatalities are up, too.

To throw salt into the compound fracture, these “eyes in the sky” can apparently have an adverse impact on your credit score, too. It’s being reported that a Washington man rolled through a red-light, but never received his violation via snail mail. The matter was turned over to a collections agency, which then went on to bludgeon the man’s credit rating with a baseball bat. And he was a police officer.

So, be wary citizens of Philadelphia; we are now living in the rising shadow of an Orwellian dystopia. Just don’t go picking off the cameras with your Red Ryder. You’ll shoot your eye out.

Source: CBS 3

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