New Barnes Building to Use Recycled Material and Sustainable Water Solutions

Despite its controversial departure from Lower Merion, the new Barnes location on the Ben Franklin Parkway will include some amenities that could partly make up for the building’s affront to Albert C Barnes’ last wishes.

Architects coordinating the building’s construction are seeking to achieve LEED Platinum Certification, ensuring the new location is leading the way in renewable energy technologies.

LEED Platinum Certification is the widely recognized standard for eco-friendly construction and sustainability.  If awarded, the Barnes building will be the first cultural institution in the Delaware Valley to achieve the Platinum status.

According to the Barnes foundation’s official website, the structure will have a green roof with a permeable surface so that rain run-off can be used to water the 100 additional trees that will be planted. Gardens planted around the building will also be maintained by the irrigation system that will capture, utilize and store rainwater.

CBS Philly reports that the floor in the main event space is partially composed of a rare South American wood that had been salvaged.  Above the floor is a 350-foot long glass ceiling that lets in natural light and a photovoltaic solar array on the roof will help keep the cost of electricity as low as possible.

Once opened and fully-functional, the building’s daily operations will include mandatory recycling, reduced paper consumption, and use of biodegradable materials, all of which adhere to LEED standards.

A Grand Opening for the new Barnes Collection is scheduled for May 19th of 2012.

Source & Photos: The Barnes Foundation, CBS3

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