Announcing the Black and White Ball 2012 (With a Touch of Fur)

Remember when you were in high school and you had a report due on Monday, but you started it at 9:45 on Sunday night? You thought about it for a couple of weeks, stored thoughts in your head and waited for the right time for all the words to come together, usually right before your mom told you to turn out the light. That’s where I’m at right now.

You see, I told Tony from Aroundphilly that I would write a story about the Black and White Ball before I saw him at our next meeting. I’ve had a couple of months to gather my thoughts so that I can tell you in the most imaginative and interesting way about the charity event that we are having in July.

The “we” I am referring to is Ground Zero Salons, Sweat Gyms and Aroundphilly. Our event is the Black and White Ball 2012 (With a Touch of Fur), which will benefit the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine, with proceeds going towards their Shelter Medicine Program.

As July quickly approaches, it’s time for us to start the ball rolling (no pun intended). This year’s event will be the second Black and White Ball. Our first Black and White Ball was with “a touch of pink,” and it benefited Jefferson Hospital Breast Center. Held in 2007 at the Sweat Gym in Center City, over 100 vendors from the tri-state area donated their services and more than 600 people were in attendances. With their help, we raised over $60,000!

The hippest Philly crowd, all wearing black and white, came out in droves to support a local charity and enjoy a fun night filled with music from local DJs, delicious food from 15 Philly restaurants and a fashion show featuring hair and make-up from Ground Zero Salons and wardrobe from Warrior, Bridal Garden and Moore College of Art.

Anyone who attended knows how much fun it was and those that helped with the event know how rewarding it was to be involved in such a successful event for charity.

This year’s benefactor for the second Black and White Ball is an organization that is so close to my heart. As an owner of three awesome dogs, which I refer to as my sons, and a sucker for a cute puppy or kitten, it only makes sense that the next ball would raise awareness and funds for Shelter Medicine Program at the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine.

Countless dogs and cats languish in shelters across the country. For many of them, the critical time of need is before they have even found a new home. At the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine, the Shelter Animal Medicine Program is helping these animals face a brighter future. Since 2002, Penn Vet students have learned firsthand about important shelter issues and topics, including pet overpopulation, infectious disease control, behavior problems as well as animal cruelty, neglect and hoarding.

Penn Vet students also participate in a surgery rotation, allowing more than 1,200 additional dogs and cats to be available for adoption each year. By partnering with these important players in animal welfare in Philadelphia and beyond, the school has not only developed a model program for students;  it’s also emerged as one of the most positive forces for adoptable animals in this city.

I have been a salon owner for nearly 25 years (actually, our 25th anniversary is July 21st, the night of the ball) and I have had the unbelievable opportunity to meet some of the greatest people in this city, networking with them and bringing people together to help the community.

The owners of Sweat Gym, Aroundphilly and Ground Zero Salons are preparing the ball right now and we’re asking you to take part. I don’t know how to tug on your heart string like Sarah McLaughlin does on that commercial, which I can only watch for three seconds, but I do know how to throw a party and we will be giving you the details on our Black and White Ball 2012 website, designed by the best web guys ever – AYC media – starting February 1st.

Until then, woof woof!

Wendy Weinstein

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