Michael Vick To Join Harrisburg Police Dept?

Some people ride bikes, some knit; others turn to watercolors and backgammon. We all have our trivial hobbies to keep existential despair at bay.

Michael Vick, Philadelphia Eagles quarterback, can’t legally practice his favorite pastime anymore: dogfighting. So, what’s a million-dollar athlete with expert aim supposed to do to relieve stress off field? Well, for one, the Harrisburg police department is in need of a few good sharpshooters.

Yes, the same legal system that once locked him away for murdering dogs, could, in fact, use his help to do exactly that: murder dogs.

As reported by Salon, “The city of Harrisburg, Pa., learned this last week when an internal police department memo went public, instructing officers of the cash-strapped city to stop bringing its growing number of stray dogs to the shelter. Instead, it said, they should release them in another area, adopt them themselves — or just put a bullet in them.”

Bullets are always cheaper than food and shelter.

Police have been know to eradicate so-called “pests” in this fashion before, much to the chagrin of every PETA donor ever. In New Orleans, for instance, police snipers go a-huntin’ for nutria in the backs of pickup trucks, which patrol the watery trenches of the Big Easy. Hell, they even televised it on Insomniac with Dave Attell. Attell, eating from a bag of Doritos, surrounded by commandos, quipped, “I’m not even hungry, I’m nervous.

We’ll see if Vick’s thirst for spaniel blood trumps his multimillion dollar NFL contract.

Photographs courtesy of Michael Vick’s Facebook page

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