PPA Warns of New “Tag Switching” Scam

The Philadelphia Parking Authority is warning drivers to keep a watchful eye on their license plates. Apparently, motorists on the PPA’s “boot list” have devised a new scam, and if you’re not checking your license plate often, you could be a victim.

The PPA indicates on their website that, “when a person habitually receives tickets and does not pay or contest them, their vehicle’s license plate will eventually be placed on the ‘booting list’.”

But it seems these deviant drivers, afraid that their car will get “the boot,” have come up with “tag switching,” which is pretty much exactly how it sounds.

The scammers simply switch license plates with you, taking your tags and placing their own license plate on your car, in hopes that your vehicle will get the boot instead of theirs.

It’s an easy thing to overlook, but if you walk outside to find that you’ve been “booted” and you don’t have any unpaid tickets, you’ve likely been the victim of the old “tag switch.” The PPA advises those that fall victim to the “tag switching” fraud should contact the police immediately.

Source: PPA

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