Bake Sales Won’t Solve $80 million School District Debt

Forget the Archdiocese of Philadelphia for just a moment. And pay no mind to the various protests, beef-and-beers, and fundraisers currently being held to keep dozens of Catholic schools open. Now, take a look at the tens of thousands of children that make up the Philadelphia public school system.

They are in trouble too- $80 million worth of trouble.

CBS 3 reports that, in a recent letter to the School District of Philadelphia, city controller Alan Butkovitz, revealed that the budget shortfall for the school district is even worse than he initially expected.

What was originally thought to be a $61 million deficit, is actually closer to $80 million. That’s a lot of bake sales.

According to CBS 3, Butkovitz has “substantial doubt” that the school district will settle its debt by the end of the school year if it does not provide a considerable amount of new and effective strategies to solve its financial crisis.

In a previous interview with CBS, Pedro Ramos, Chairman of the School Reform Commission, stated that “… the circumstances that we’re in in the next five and a half – six months are extraordinary and these are quite exigent circumstances.”

Source: CBS 3

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Jennifer Gregory

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