Jenna Jameson, Kobayashi Added to This Year’s Wing Bowl Depravity

I’ve never been sure how to feel about the Wing Bowl. On the one hand, it’s Philly’s annual celebration of our innate depravity, where people of all creeds and classes can come together to get annihilated at six in the morning without reproach. But it’s also one of the most sickening, vomit-filled displays of human behavior imaginable. So there’s that too.

Regardless of your opinion, this year, organizers have attempted to boost waning interest in the event by inviting some superstars to make an appearance, and by superstars, I mean a washed-up porn star and a professional hot dog eater from Japan whom you’ve probably never heard of.

Jenna Jameson, who’s now an actress, apparently, and Kobayashi, current record holder in the Nathan’s Famous Fourth of July Hot Dog Eating Contest, will be participating in this year’s gluttony. Jameson will take part as a Wingette, while Kobayashi will obviously compete in the ceremonial scarfing of wings.

Organizers hope that Kobayashi will spark some interest in the actual eating contest, which is normally overshadowed by the Wingettes and various female audience members with strong aspirations to expose themselves to some of Philly’s proudest sleaze-balls.

The debauchery goes down on February 3rd at the Wells Fargo Center, where onlookers will see if an average-sized Japanese fellow can beat the 255-pound returning champ, Super Squibb.

Click here to abandon your pride and order tickets.

Source and photos courtesy of | Bleeding Green Nation

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