Local “Vampire” May Become a GOP Delegate

You may remember Patrick Rodgers as the fanged vampire who took on Wells Fargo Bank not too long ago.  Now it seems this local creature of night is aiming to throw is cape into the political ring, as he’s currently collecting signatures to become a GOP delegate for Ron Paul.

As you probably suspected, Rodgers is a big supporter of Ron Paul’s libertarian views; what, did you think all vampires were republicans?

In an article with the Inquirer, Rodgers referenced the loss of personal freedoms (blood sucking?) resulting from increased security after the War on Terror. Delegate coordinator William Faus claims that Rodger’s views are a “good match” for Ron Paul’s campaign.

If he collects the 250 signatures he needs, Rodgers will head to Florida for the GOP convention. No word on how he’ll cope with having to live in the “Sunshine Sate.”

Here’s hoping this is the last we hear from Rodger; I’m not sure how many more corny vampire jokes our readers can take.

Source: Philly.com

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