New Bill May Legalize Bandit Signs, Turn Philly Into a Post-Apocalyptic Wasteland

If you enjoy constantly having to step over rusted nails and piles of fluorescent litter, than we’ve got good news for you, you twisted human being: Councilman Curtis Jones Jr. has unleashed a new bill that aims to legalize bandit signs throughout the city.

Bandit signs, which we wrote about at length just a few weeks back, are those hideous signs that offer to sell your house in seven seconds (as if that were actually a good thing) or sell your junk car etc. For some, they’re merely a nuisance, but for others, particularly those living in the Kensingtown/Fishtown area, they’re a vicious and persistent scourge ruining any hope for neighborhood renewal.

Councilman Jones’ “logic” is that, through eliminating Philadelphia Code 10-1200, the city could charge $1 for every sign a business posts, adding revenue to our dwindling budget. He’d also introduce guidelines that would ban the use of nails or glue, which I’m sure Al Slafman (sleazin’ it up to the right) and the like would follow to the letter.

But what Councilman Jones clearly doesn’t understand is that the potential gains to be made if the city, you know, actually fined bandit sign offenders dwarfs the tens of thousands in revenue his proposal might bring in. Additionally, I’m not sure Jones is at all aware of the many problems that stem from bandit signs, as this form of illegal advertising is often employed by illegal businesses or companies without the necessary licenses. (“Cash for Diabetes Test Strips?” Sure, I’ll go get mine right now!)

So instead of endorsing the blight to make a quick buck, why don’t we hire some workers, or create a community service organization to tear down and fine bandit sign offenders? Heck, Chris Sawyer’s Bandit Project website already catalogs these signs and he’s been sending the city detailed information on offenders for years.

Sure it may cost some money to start the initiative, but if we can fine $75 for each of the 20,000 signs throughout the city, we’d be beautifying our city and making some serious money at the same time.

I’m Chris Lipczynski and I approve this message. Read our previous article on bandit signs here.

Source: | Bandit Project

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