Trenton Deemed too Unsafe for Priceless Vase

As the old saying goes, “Trenton makes, the world takes.” But whoever first coined that phrase left out the part about the world occasionally taking things simply because Trenton is too irresponsible to have nice things, like, say, a priceless vase.

More than a year ago, the Brooklyn Museum loaned a 100-year-old vase to the Trenton City Museum (yes, that actually exists). But after its director was laid off, the Trenton City Museum decided to put an intern in charge of the invaluable artifact, which, as it turns out, was originally made in Trenton for St. Louis World’s Fair in 1904. Now, the Brooklyn Museum has decided to take back the vase on the grounds that it’s not being properly protected.

The plan was to reunite the vase with three others that were displayed at the World’s Fair in 1904, but that dream has now been shattered. Even more embarrassing is the fact that the Brooklyn Museum really doesn’t even care about the piece and probably won’t even display it.

The Trenton City Museum president, Robert Cunningham, stated, “It’s something that was very important to us and should be to the city. I don’t think that the Brooklyn Museum has any plans to exhibit it or not. It could just go into storage.”

Also going into storage is Trenton’s hopes to ever be taken seriously as a city.

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