Councilwoman Proposes Ads on Philly School Buses

The Philadelphia School District is desperately seeking a solution to their $60 million $80 million deficit, and Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown may have just the plan, just don’t be surprised when your kid starts blurting out TD Bank propaganda uncontrollably.

Her proposal is to sell ad space on school buses in Philadelphia and although she is keenly aware of the possible negative reactions some locals may have, Councilwoman Reynolds Brown’s insists we need fresh ideas to solve the school’s debt crisis, “We have to do some things differently, and we cannot be stuck in old ways of doing things, when the problems we’re looking at are so big.”

At this moment, there are around 1,200 buses in the Philadelphia district and by selling space on both the sides and back of each ride, Councilwoman Reynolds Brown thinks the city can raise some serious revenue for a school district in dire straits.

While there’s no estimate on the amount of money such ads could bring in, Councilwoman Reynolds Brown has pointed out that similar ads have helped other school districts in Texas and Colorado. Recent plans for a new school bus ad program in Florida are projecting around $2 million in revenue for just 900 buses. If Florida’s estimate holds true, that could mean around $2.6 million for Philadelphia schools.

This isn’t Councilwoman Reynolds Brown’s first controversial proposal, as she recently introduced a bill that would extend operating hours for bars from 2 am 3 am. Both bills would require approval and legislation from Harrisburg before being enacted.

Source: CBS 3 photos by Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood & BAER Performance Marketing

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