Kobayashi Dominates Wing Bowl XX with Record-Breaking Win

Takeru Kobayashi was expected to win Wing Bowl XX, but no one thought he would shatter the previous record so easily and by such a gigantic margin at that.

After all the hot sauce settled Friday morning, Kobayashi downed a total of 337 wings, setting a new world record for the Wing Bowl and surpassing last year’s total by 83 wings. Jonathan “Super” Squibb, the defending champ, came in second with 271, while crowd favorite, Bill “El Wingador” Simmons, placed third, downing an admirable 238.

When he was announced as winner, there was a smattering of expected boos from the crowd, but most appeared to be in awe of the foreigner’s talent and warrior-like determination. I got the slight feeling that he may have earned Philadelphia’s respect, though I’m sure no one in the audience would care to admit it.

Even before the last round, Kobayashi’s astounding pace made it impossible for his competitors to catch up. Sadly, the final moments of the battle served as more of a spectacle to show off Kobayashi’s skills, though all of the eaters were still moving at full force.

When the contest was over, the top two local contenders, Squibb and El Wingador, looked nonplussed. El Wingador, while interacting with a few fans, seemed to shrug his shoulders, as if he had just lost to a robot that had been designed to annihilate hot wings at high speeds. The previous Wing Bowl champ,  Jonathan “Super” Squibb, told The Daily News, “If I was going to lose, I was going to lose fantastically.”

In his winning speech, Kobayashi spoke humbly, acknowledging his fellow competitors’ fierceness despite his effortless victory. He also vowed to defend his title next year, which will probably mean the end of Philly’s reign for a long time to come.

Source|Photo: The Daily News

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