Old City (Finally) Gets A Steakhouse

Old City’s proverbial aha moment happened somewhere between the rebrand of Khyber Pass Pub, the opening of PBR and the realization that 2nd and Chestnut really needed one thing to make the neighborhood worthy of some serious foodie patronage: a steakhouse.

Occupying the space at 123 Chestnut Street (remember Cebu?), the newly opened Reserve Restaurant, Bar and Lounge brings something to the table that we’ve been missing for some time–a reason to skip the $7 cab ride to Center City’s certifiable treasure trove of surf-and-turf menus and a solid excuse to stay put. A project of Cuba Libre alum Didier LaFontant, Reserve fuses everything we love about spaces like Union Trust and Del Frisco’s (high ceilings, a dark and dramatic bar space, an expansive menu) with the ease of being steps away from a slew of after hours spots that aren’t situated next to McDonald’s (ahem, Whisper).

The locally sourced menu features expertly chosen steak, fresh seafood, raw bar items (oysters on the half shell) and appetizers that go a long way in keeping you sated until the main courses arrive/blow your mind. Coupled with gelato (for after dinner) and the aged bourbon list (you can grab a flight of four for $20 during happy hour), we’re pretty sure Reserve has carved a niche that restauranteurs throughout the area are kicking themselves for missing. Stay tuned for more buzz when Reserve begins serving brunch on February 19; you can book your reservations by calling 215.964.6262 or by booking online here.

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