Airport Security Just Got a Little Less Agonizing

The Philadelphia International Airport was recently selected by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to expand its expedited screening process.

What does that mean exactly? Well, if you’re approved, it means you can say goodbye to that inevitable two-hour-long headache and crushing embarrassment from your inordinately foul foot odor.

The new process will allow selected participants (sorry, no subtle slip of a Benji will help you here) to be enrolled in TSA’s PreCheck program. In order to partake, flyers must willingly provide previous flight history and other information to the government before being allowed to enter a separate, faster screening line.

PreCheck flyers are also permitted to keep their shoes belts and coats on, and can even leave laptops and 3.5fl. oz liquid items in their carry-on’s while being screened. While the PreCheck passengers will be checked in a faster fashion at the TSA’s discretion, it is important to note that the TSA will continue to have random and unpredictable checks..

Along with the Philadelphia Airport, the three other airports involved in the 2001 September 11th attacks will also be receiving the PreCheck Program.


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Michelle Mass

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