City Hall Subway Will Still be Dank, Dark and Dreary Despite $50 Mil Renovation

There’s a lot of things that $50 million can buy:  50 million candy bars at the dollar store, college tuition for 500 students at a private institution of their choosing, half of the Inky/Daily News.

So, when the city of Philadelphia told us they’d be dumping $50 million into the renovation of Dilworth Plaza, we were expecting some fancy stuff, both above and underground.

We should have known better.

As soon as you drop your token into the slot, you’ll be greeted by that same, dark, dank, disgusting subway platform we all know and love (sort of).

For years, SEPTA has been trying to renovate the subway stations surrounding City Hall, but funding was difficult to acquire for the ambitious project.

So, after you enjoy your overpriced cup of coffee and muffin at the Dilworth café whilst enjoying the view of the manicured lawn dotted with trees and a fountain, you can ride one of the five brand new elevators down into the same old cesspit lurking underneath all that glamor.


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Jennifer Gregory

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