South Jersey Soon to Have “That Chronic”

Despite Governor Chris Christie’s best efforts to stall the process, New Jersey’s first medical marijuana farm and dispensary is set to open this fall in Egg Harbor Township- nearly three years after the program was first approved by legislators.

As you probably already know, Pennsylvania currently does not administer medical marijuana, which is why it’s somewhat surprising that New Jersey, headed by one of the most conservative Governor’s in the country, is actually going to deliver that heady, government pot for medical purposes.

Back in July, Christie made his reservations about medical marijuana known, “This is one of those decisions that’s not an easy one for me as governor. I had to balance the benefit that will go to citizens in pain versus some potential risks to the folks that were authorizing as dispensaries and to state employees.”

But after putting the plan into motion, those seeking a permit to grow and dispense were challenged at almost every turn by local officials throughout the state- even Camden refused to issue the permit. The stonewalling was, in part, due to the pressure from the droves of citizens who showed protested the idea, expressing concern that their streets would be flooded with potheads and hippie stoners.

Egg Harbor Township Mayor, James McCullough, is reporting only positive reactions from residents after issuing the permit to a non-profit two weeks ago. Talking with The Inquirer, Mayor McCullough said, “The medical profession of the U.S. and New Jersey recognizes marijuana is a treatment for many ailments and relieves the suffering of people with terminal illness. . . . There’s a medical need, and I think it will go forward and be a successful thing.”

Meanwhile, Pennsylvania is taking measure to drug test welfare recipients, force woman who want an abortion to get an ultrasound and legislators have just declared the Bible the official word of god

I think I want to move to New Jersey.

Source:, The Daily Caller

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