Is Geno’s Really Up For Sale?

No, seriously, can someone confirm this for us? Philadelphia Daily News and now Philly Mag are reporting rumors that Joey Vento’s son, Geno, may be looking to sell off the famous Philadelphia establishment. Geno hasn’t responded to reporters’ phone calls, so all of this is still unsubstantiated, but we can’t help envisioning the crippling existential stress that would befall the tri-county area were Geno’s to turn into some vegan cheesesteak stand with tofu goatcheesesteaks.

It’s hard to imagine why Geno would want to sell the South Philly cash cow, but we hope it’s not because he found out what Dave Hartley, bassist for the War on Drugs, really thinks about Philly cheesesteaks:

The culture around them is kind of lame. The whole Pat’s and Geno’s thing is so lame. And then the vibe: meatheads standing in a line, being crass and loud, and then the whole xenophobic thing at Geno’s, where they won’t serve you unless you order in English. That whole culture doesn’t appeal to me.

Tweet us or comment if you have any suggestions for a suitable Geno’s replacement, and also if you know who’s going to get the Confederate Harley. 

Source: Daily News, Eater

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