Occupy Philly Protesting at Comcast Headquarters

Evicting them from Dilworth Plaza didn’t work. And apparently, arresting them after trying to take back City Hall apparently didn’t work either, because the Occupy protesters are back. This time, they’re at the Comcast building, joined by retired police Captain Ray Lewis, to petition for the media giant to carry Al Jazeera‘s English news service.

Comcast isn’t sure what to do with the news channel, as views on the controversial outlet seem to be split. Some praise the channel’s news coverage, while others criticize Al Jazeera for broadcasting radical views from on-air and call-in guests. Laura Goldman, of Business Insider, also reports that Comcast’s refusal to carry Al Jazeera may relate to pressure from Jewish activists who believe the news service is anti-Semitic.

The protesters claim to have a petition with 23,000 signatures and reports suggest that the Comcast building is currently on lockdown. An anonymous source has told us that “All the entrances to the building except one are locked and you have to show your badge to get in. It’s like a police state down there!”

According to Newsworks, Al Jazeera English reaches an audience of 250 million people.

Photos: Joseph Kaczmarek / Associated Press

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Arielle Hontscharik

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