Online Experiment Seeks to Pinpoint What Makes Philly Beautiful

Philly, like any large city, has its pockets of good, bad, and ugly. But what exactly makes those certain “good” sections so, well, good? More importantly, what actually makes a piece of Philadelphia beautiful?

If you’ve got time to kill (if you’ve stumbled across Aroundphilly, you most certainly do), check out OpenPlan’s Beautiful Streets project and help solve this pressing question.

In an effort to better gauge beauty in the eye of the beholder, local tech-heads, Mjumbe Poe and Aaron Ogle are asking participants to scroll through 200 images highlighting different areas of Philadelphia. On their site, two Google Maps street shots are posted side-by-side so that you can vote for whichever image you find more “beautiful.”

Sometimes, it’s a no-brainer; smooth, dark asphalt on a wide street with well-kept, single homes versus a tiny street with crumbling houses, cracked sidewalk, and random pieces of chain-link fence.

Other times, it’s not so simple.

Grey, faded asphalt, and paint-chipped wooden fences surrounding front yards versus wasteland areas with a few scattered, dilapidated houses and a single, abandoned Jetta.  It’s these type of comparisons that really challenge one’s definition of beauty.

Data collected from the project will, hopefully, pave the way toward some noticeable improvements for Philadelphia in the near future.

Source: Technically Philly

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