Flick of the Week: Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie

Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie

Those unfamiliar with the comedy stylings of Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim, will want to avoid this feature length film written, directed by, and starring the Adult Swim comedy duo. Nothing can quite prepare those not in the know for the vulgar visual assault that is Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie. From the early, vivid sequence of Eric getting a Prince Albert (that’s genital piercing) to the puke de resistance episode of Eric getting “Shrimmed in brown foamy mess” (that’s a bathing in diarrhea, folks), several of the gags in this cult film are gag inducing. Or maybe they are hilarious.

The plot kicks in after some silly send-ups of movie theatre seating and credits. Tim and Eric appear to have squandered $1 billion of the Schlaaang company’s money, and they face jail unless they pay it all back. So they take jobs reviving the S’wallow Valley mall, a decrepit shopping plaza cum pizza place that serves as a home to derelicts and a wolf. Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie is rib tickling when Tim and Eric engage in a fake fight after Eric takes a hallucinogen, but it is the wacky supporting turns by uncredited actors that produce true guffaws.

John C. Reilly earns the biggest laughs (and most sympathy) as a sickly man-child Taquito, while Will Forte, Will Farrell, and Zach Galifianakis all have amusing cameos. Were it not for the game comic cast going overboard with outrageousness, Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie would be little more than a shot-on-a-shoestring, full of sick jokes, cheesy special effects, and some clever satire. Still, a little goes a verrry long way.


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