Remembering Davy Jones… on “Boy Meets World”

In news that will completely ruin your Leap Day, lead singer of The Monkees, Davy Jones, has died after suffering a heart attack, according to a Florida medical examiner.

Jones, who was 66, lived in Florida with his wife and four children, but he also owned a horse farm in Beavertown, Pennsylvania.

According to inside sources, Jones would often perform at small venues in Snyder County, Pennsylvania, though, he was often reluctant to play songs from his days with The Monkeess. An anonymous source told us, “The locals were disgruntled that he would only play new material at the clubs. They wanted to hear the hits.”

We could play one of The Monkees many popular songs to commemorate Jones’ death, but we’re not going to since it seems like he wanted to keep those days behind him. So instead, let us honor Davy with his memorable cameo in the hit, 90s TV show, “Boy Meets World.”

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