Bad Philly Neighbors Now on Google Maps

6th District representative, Bobby Henon, may have just spawned Philly’s first, mass exodus of neighborhood delinquents- and all it took was Google Maps and little innovation.

As you might expect, the 6th District faces many problems: daily crime, the most dangerous road in America, murder. Because of this, less pressing issues like L&I violations or tax delinquencies are often free to thrive unchecked.

The president of the Mayfair Town Watch, Milt Martelack, told CBS, “There’s no landlord around to police what’s going on in these homes. When that happens, it’s a major issue.”

Unfortunately, the city lacks the necessary resources to tackle the innumerable eyesores. So, Councilman Henon has devised a new way to reform bad Philly neighbors. He’s created a “Bad Neighbor Map,” which locates repeat tax delinquents and other local banes using Google Maps.

“I will go after the worst of the worst,” Henon told CBS.

Map users are able to sort through a slew of properties with either “multiple L&I violations,” “tax delinquencies,” “rental citations,” or the trifecta, “tax delinquent with rental and L&I violations.” By clicking on each marker, residents can see the exact number of infractions associated with each property.

Henon’s hope is that the map will serve as a call to action for neighbors to band together and personally address their local scourge- without ever having to get the city involved.

View the map here.

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