Lenny Dykstra Gets Three Years in the Slammer

The infamous former Phillies player, failed entrepreneur and now freshly-convicted criminal, Lenny Dykstra, was sentenced to three years in prison on Monday.

In January of 20111, Dykstra was charged with grand theft auto and filing false financial statements after he and  two of his cronies attempted to lease a bunch of luxury vehicles from a few LA dealerships using a false identity; you know, the usual get-rich-quick scheme.

In delivering her sentence, Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Cynthia Ulfig stated, “Mr. Dykstra might not believe he is a criminal, but his actions have been criminal.”

Dykstra was reportedly rambling and semi-incoherent when he addressed the court after his sentence was announced, “Did I do something I’m not proud of? Yes. Am I a criminal? No.”

Good luck, Lenny. We’re sure you’ll be a valuable asset to the LA County Prison’s baseball team.

Source: Daily News | AP

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