New Anti-Texting and Driving Law Takes Effect This Week

Pennsylvania’s new anti-texting law will take effect on Thursday. Unfortunately, this strictly addresses texting while driving, so it’s not going to remedy the gaping void in your social life resulting from your friends’ incessant preoccupation with “sexting,” Reddit and/or [insert relevant mobile app here].

The new rule will seek to stop drivers from checking email or instant messaging as well. But as our previous article points out, how exactly will cops know the difference? What if you’re just putting on the new Dave Matthe- I mean Mike Snow album?

In a press release, State Police Commissioner Frank Noonan elaborated, “Our troopers will attempt to use observations of the driver while the vehicle is in motion to determine if traffic stops are warranted. An example might be the motorist continues to manipulate the device over an extended distance with no apparent voice communication.”


The fine for disobeying the new law is $50, but that’s assuming you’re not roasting a bowl or transporting someone in the trunk when they pull you over.

Source: NewsWorks

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