Another Twitter-Happy Reporter Fired

Twitter-happy reporters have had it pretty rough these past few years. Just ask Markos Moulitsas, David Shuster, Roland Martin‘s dwindling ascot collection or the guy who tweeted that Joe Paterno was dead just hours before he actually died.

And now we have another fallen soldier in the Twitteratti Army: NBC10’s Justin Pizzi.

After seven years at NBC, the news channel has refused to renew Pizzi’s contract. Though NBC wouldn’t officially comment, it’s hard to believe that his recent tweet regarding Jenny Lopez’s Oscar nip-slip- as well as his premature re-tweet reporting Paterno’s death- had nothing to do with their decision.

While many news stations encourage their employees to have a social media presence, it’s becoming painfully obvious that reporters should be much more wary of what they launch into the twitterverse.

Friends of Pizzi claim that he will pursue a new career off-camera, but here’s hoping that he thinks before he tweets next time around.


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Michelle Mass

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