Cheesesteak-Flavored Beer: Soon To Be A Reality?

South Jersey resident Kirk LaVecchia is attempting to merge two local favorites in the unlikeliest of ways: by crafting a cheesesteak-flavored beer.

Having gone through two failed attempts at this meat-meets-brew concoction, LaVecchia told Courier Post Online that the process is “like making a stew and it’s all about finding the right ingredients.”

So what’s in this metaphorical stew? A mixture of ribeye and old hops, which as LaVecchia says, “get like a real cheesy smell, flavor, aroma” during the aging process.

Unfortunately, the last two batches have taken on a bourbon flavor, a result of the fresh hops he added into the batch. While he’s back at the drawing board to re-gear the project, he doesn’t seem to be ruling much out in the way of ingredients. “I may add different cheese additives. You know, it could be even something simple as taking Kraft blue box off the shelf and taking the powder mix and adding that in.”

He also added, “I am going to try toasting and boiling meats and think using mulling (warming the beverage to drink) may perfect it.”

While definitely an interesting concept, the not-yet-existent brew has the potential to be blasphemous to both craft beer enthusiasts and the core group of cheesesteak experts who get pissed when your “wiz wit” phrasing isn’t perfectly on point.

No word on the expected release date of the creative homebrewer’s final product, but truth be told, we’re just excited to hear what he decides on for a name.

[Source: Courier Post Online, CBS Philly]

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