Trenton’s Toilet Paper Shortage

We all know that “Trenton makes,” so Trentonians undoubtedly require an unlimited supply of toilet paper. Ok, bad joke, but it’s probably better than 99% of the other reporters out there currently poking fun at Trenton’s purported poopy paper shortage (not sorry for that one).

City Council is allegedly to blame for the hold up (meh), as they apparently took it upon themselves to “micro manage” the mayor’s $42,000 order for their municipal buildings’ paper products.

In responding to the crisis, Director of Policy and Communications Lauren J. Ira made the following statement, “… for whatever reason, members of City Council took it upon themselves to micro-manage this resolution, and as a result have repeatedly denied the resolution which would have authorized this expenditure. The administration remains diligent in our efforts to get this resolution approved so that we can meet the needs of our constituents.”

In actuality, it was a $4,000 order for paper cups that caused the log jam (not sorry), as City Council halted the original order because they wanted to go “green” and rid themselves of paper cups, probably those conical ones you can’t even set down for some reason.

While the paper cups have since been cancelled by the mayor,  City Council has yet approve the revised request for the teepee. So for now, Trenton’s state workers are just going to have to hold it in until Friday, when the two-ply is slated to arrive.

Source: NewsWorks

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