“Yarnbombing 101″ at City Hall

We’ve come full circle, folks, as this week marks the first time ever that the “The Man” will actually embrace street art with open arms. I wouldn’t expect this happen again any time soon.

On Thursday, Jessie Hemmons (aka “Ishknits”) will be teaming up with Fiber Philadelphia and Streets Dept for an art exhibit at City Hall. The exhibit, “Philadelphia Yarnbombing 101,” will showcase Ishknit’s unusual creations that you’ve probably seen all over town (or featured in a small, offbeat publication known as freakin’ Time Magazine).

Ishknits will be on hand at the opening reception to answer questions and show attendees how to yarnbomb themselves. Little known fact: this is by far the hippest way to fulfill your secret desire to knit your cat a Christmas sweater.

The exhibit will be up for two months, but be sure check it on Thursday, March 15th at the art gallery at City Hall from 5 to 7pm and keep supporting local art!

Check out Streets Dept for more info.

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