Anthony Bourdain Looks to Film No Reservations in Philadelphia

There’s been a bit a of a grassroots campaign to get chef/author/all-around bad ass Anthony Bourdain to shoot an episode of No Reservations in Philadelphia. And why not? Philly’s now home to countless restaurants worthy of Bourdain’s infamous scrutiny.

Last fall, local chef Marc Vetri may have planted the seed for a possible Philly episode of No Reservations or The Layover, both of Bourdain’s Travel Channel shows.

Now Bourdain has all but confirmed a future episode. During a recent Q&A session at a SXSW panel, Bourdain remarked on how Philly is one city his show has somehow neglected.

On where [Bourdain] wants to do a show but hasn’t yet: “I’m looking to figure out a really good way to do a Philadelphia show. Haven’t done it yet. I’m still looking for a hook, you know, a way in, an angle. There always has to be something, sometimes it’s a nonsensical thing. But Philadelphia is an example of a city we’ve neglected.” [Eater]

What, no cheesesteak ep? Ok, that’s probably kind of trite at this point (very trite, actually). So, if you have any ideas, please feel free to accost Bourdain on Twitter; we hear he likes that.

If you’re just dying to catch some of Philly’s food scene on the TV, be sure to watch our other go-to restaurant show, Kitchen Nightmares, later this month. Two Philly restaurants will be embarrassed featured on March 23rd and March 30th.

Photo courtesy of Travel Channel, Ricardo B. Brazziell AMERICAN-STATESMAN

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