Help Save Breakfast at Sulimay’s

For the past four years, Bill, Ann, Joe and the folks at Scrapple TV have tirelessly shot and produced the online music review segment, Breakfast at Sulimay’s at Sulimay’s Restaurant in Fishtown. Sadly, and as Ann so eloquently puts it, “We have never been paid and, actually, we are quite upset by that.”

So, in an effort to continue production for Breakfast at Sulimays (and pay Woodshop Films‘ mounting electric bill), the group has gone the route of  Kickstarter. Their end goal is $4,000 but, unfortunately, they’re a little shy of the mark… by about $3,900.

The deadline is April 15th, and after that, well, Breakfast at Sulimay‘s may be gone for good. So for those of you who have enjoyed the series over the years, and for those of you who are about to delight over this new review of Delco Nightingale‘s “It’s Magic,” please give them a dollar; it’s a better cause than whatever crap band is currently asking you for money.

Check out their Kickstarter page to see a list of rewards for each level of donation.

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