Robert “Peanut Butter” Woodward Transforms SEPTA Station with Art Install

After two years and a $150,000 grant from SEPTA, local artist Robert “Peanut Butter” Woodward is about to complete his art installation at Girard’s stop on the Broad Street Line; and boy, is it trippy.

Woodward, who’s apparently “painted the guests’ bodies at Cher’s birthday party” (for whatever that’s worth), worked with students from Temple’s Tyler School of Art to install 91 colorful panels which contain a strange array of suspended objects, including “metal filings, rashers of trimmed aluminum, rubber hoses, spiral tubing, wires, lenses, plastic sacks bulging with pop-top tabs from soda cans, old watch bands…”

We told you it was trippy.

The panels follow the theme of past, present and future, with the “past panels” including old photos of Girard Station from 1937 and “future panels” containing photographs of kids from the surrounding neighborhood.

Woodward also plans to mount a bronze replica of his hand, so that commuters can high-five him well into the future (assuming we all have hands and still high-five in said future).

The Girard station project is part of an ongoing SEPTA art program that started in 1998; it has since beautified 21 stations out of 280 total. Read more about Robert “Peanut Butter” Woodward’s eccentricities over at and be sure to stop off of at Girard next time you’re on the Broad Street Line to check out the new install.

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