Former UArts Professor Designed “The Hunger Games” Cover Art

We now have another reason to blindly leap onto the “Hunger Games” bandwagon.

As it turns out, the cover art for the popular books and film(s) was designed by local UArts professor, Tim O’Brien.

The image, which depicts a fictional “mockingjay,” probably has to do with the dystopian future or oppressive government featured in the book and film…or something; we’ve been trying to resist the pre-mature hype, obviously.

O’Brien spoke with about his creative process, stating, “It’s elegant because of the way the wings are displayed. The head bowed is a less proud position. He is turned back into the circle.”

The image is actually refers to the mockingjay pin, which Katniss receives before becoming a “Tribute,” we’re told.

Of course, when Hollywood decided to use O’Brien’s illustration for the movie poster, they gave it the standard Michael Bay treatment and engulfed it in bad ass flames. (You can also buy the mockingjay pin for the low, low price of $25.95 on Ebay!)

O’Brien has designed numerous illustrations for publication over the years, but when asked about his recent, unexpected fame, he replied, “I’ve done postage stamps, covers. I’ve never had an illustration that was so universally recognized… I think it’s important to have an instructor that’s in the game.”

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Source and photos:, Michael S. Wirtz

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