New Jersey Principal Bans Hugging

Principal Tyler Blackmore of Central Jersey’s Matawan-Aberdeen Middle School has instituted a ‘no hugging’ policy for 900 of his students following reports that some faculty members observed “incidents of unsuitable, physical interactions.”

The students, who range in age from 11 to 14, are upset over the new rule and some parents are arguing that Principal Blackmore is trying to control children’s emotions. “It’s nature at its best; you can’t suppress your emotions,” said one mother.

A few students have started a petition to overturn the decision.

School Superintendent, David Healy, feels that the rule is appropriate, as faculty and staff are tasked with teaching children what is and what is not appropriate physical contact. But he also pointed out that no child would be disciplined for hugging, despite students’ concerns. “A hug just makes someone feel better, and when I really need one, I just feel like I can’t because I’ll get in trouble,” one student told NBC New York.

Another student told reporters, “It makes our school look bad, and it makes our school look like we do more than hug, but we do not.”

Source: NBC 4

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