Get Your Bike Back

Last Friday, the Philadelphia Police Department descended upon the 2200 block of West Lehigh Avenue to arrest a suspect. While they were investigating the premises, they also uncovered evidence of an illegal dog fighting ring and, perhaps, your stolen bike.

In all, 75 bikes, many of which were high-end models, were recovered from the home. So, on Wednesday, police will be displaying all of the bikes they couldn’t match up with those currently reported stolen.

Walk over (or take your new bike) to theĀ Major Crimes Unit facility at Whitaker Avenue and Macalester Streets between 11 am and 7 pm and see if you might be able reunite with your old friend.

Be sure to bring whatever evidence of ownership you may have, such as a receipt, police report or photo of you riding the bike during better days, and also pack one of those warm, blue blankets everyone wears at the end of action movies; your bike is going to need it.

Source: Philadelphia Police Department

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