Atlantic City Ditches One Sleazy Slogan for Another

The casino-backed Atlantic City Alliance is currently working on a massive, $30 million ad campaign to help AC keep up with the increased gambling competition coming from Pennsylvania.

As part of their strategy, the city has unveiled a new slogan- and it’s somehow sleazier than their previous one.

AC’s former call to action was “Always Turned On,” which is just gross and arguably redundant, because, in general, most people you mistakenly make eye contact with in AC are really old or already “turned on” by drugs, alcohol, and a crippling addiction to Texas Hold ‘Em.

Unfortunately, the new slogan is probably worse, as it will likely unleash a new catchphrase for your local Kangol-wearing annoyance to use ad nauseum:  “Do AC!”


The slogan was created by an outside agency hired by the Atlantic City Alliance, and officials are just loving it. CEO of Trump Entertainment Resort, Robert Griffin, gave it a glowing review, “It’s a call-to-action statement, which I like.”

Casino revenue in Atlantic City has dropped off dramatically in the past few years. reports that earnings have fallen from  $5.2 billion in 2006 to $3.3 billion in 2011.


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