SEPTA Transit Police End Strike, False Sense of Security Returns to Subway Riders

Philadelphia’s Transit Police ended their 9-day strike on Saturday after SEPTA negotiators and the Fraternal Order of Transit Police hashed out a temporary agreement Friday night.

But, honestly, did you even notice they were gone?

When the strike was first announced, there was the slight concern that our subways and train stations would instantly transform into post-apocalyptic dungeons, where the weak are ruled by fear and some guy with a giant ax emerges from the depths every 12th hour to annihilate everything in his path.

Thankfully, the entire strike went off without a major incident and most riders (us included) didn’t really notice the difference.

While Transit Officers chose not provide details regarding the settlement, projects that the group of 219 officers may have received  an 11.5% raise over the next five years as well as a $1,250 bonus based on previous SEPTA-Union agreements.

SEPTA’s Transit Police initially went on strike to protest a difference of 35 cents an hour in SEPTA’s original contract offer, which amounts to about $150,000 total per year.

Union members will hold a vote later this week to decide on whether or not to ratify the tentative agreement.

Source: | Photo: Metro

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