Councilman Clarke Has Had it With These Wild Raccoons

Philly admittedly has a long list of issues we need to work out. Luckily, City Council President Darrell Clarke is on an eternal quest for justice in Philadelphia.

While listening to the managing director’s budget testimony¬†recently, Clarke seemed solely preoccupied with one problem we honestly didn’t even know we had: raccoons, rogue raccoons, to be precise.

Clarke reportedly questioned how or if the city’s budgest addresses the wild raccoons that are apparently terrorizing some locals.

Unfortunately, Brian Abernathy, the managing director’s office chief of staff, was unable to quell¬†Clarke’s concern. He noted that Pennsylvania law does not allow animal control to intervene in raccoon infestations unless they are harming people or damaging property, which, currently, they are not, at least, not at the required Raccoon Threat Level.

Even though Clarke would rather have the tormenting garbage eaters removed, trash management and education for local residents seems to be the only allowable next step in this case.

Keep up the good fight, Mr. Clarke.

Source: NewsWorks

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Michelle Mass

Michelle is a West Chester University graduate originally from the fist-pumping area of the Jersey Shore. Luckily, she was able to shed her ways, and has been a Pennsylvania resident for 8 years. With her love for reality shows, vodka-diets, writing, and the city of brotherly love, there is always a good story on the tip of her tongue.

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