Help Catch the Most Hated Man in Philadelphia

On Friday, Smokeeaters Pub held a benefit for Lieutenants Robert Neary and Daniel Sweeney, both of the firefighters who were killed in the massive blaze that occurred at the Thomas Buck Hosiery building in Kensington. Unfortunately, an unidentified male chose to steal from the gift baskets that were set to be raffled off during the benefit that night.

According to NBC 10, restaurant staff said that the baskets contained thousands of dollars in various gift cards. At around 10:40 pm, a man cut open the cellophane and proceeded to steal from the baskets. News of the theft drew rage-filled comments on Facebook and YouTube, including:

– “I hope they slow roast this worthless piece of sh*t and make him pay for this.”

– “Scum bag no doubt. But jail time for petty theft? I highly doubt it. Street justice would be better.”

– “That scumbag is lower than low! Hope he rots in hell!”

Police released a surveillance video of the suspect who is described as a 40-something, caucasian male with short, dark hair, between 5 feet 10 and 6 feet and about 280 to 300 pounds. Spread the word and let’s try to bring this despicable human to justice!

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