Gov. Christie Did Not Sleep During that Springsteen Concert

Governor Chris Christie is adamantly denying allegations that he committed one of the seven deadly sins of New Jersey: dissin’ the Boss.

Page Six initially broke the story, which claims that Christie dozed off during a Bruce Springsteen concert at Madison Square Garden earlier this month.

Christie was purportedly energetic during most of the performance, but, according to Page Six, when Bruce started on “Rocky Ground,” the governor began “working on a dream.”

The article also claims that, after noticing the sleeping governor, one so-called “spy” yelled out, “Wake up, Governor!”

Today, Christie took time today to put the allegations to rest, “I have never fallen asleep at a Bruce Springsteen show, I will never fall asleep during a Bruce Springsteen show, my wife is probably afraid that I’m more likely to die during a Bruce Springsteen show than fall asleep.”

It seems the whole thing was a misunderstanding, and Christie says he was merely closing his eyes to take in the tune. But true to form, Christie (who’s been to 130 Springsteen shows) artfully deflected the accusations and passed the blame to the fans who dared to take his picture at the event. “This shows you the level of intrusiveness now into my life — some joker taking pictures of me at Madison Square Garden,” he said.

Perhaps even more interesting is the revelation that Christie got his tickets to the show in question from The E Street Band’s Steven Van Zandt- at FACE VALUE. During a recent press conference, Christie explained, “No one gets comps at Bruce shows, nobody, Bruce is a huge capitalist in that regard. That’s how he got his one percent.”


Source: | Photo: AP

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