This Sunday: Ron Paul Will Rally

Since Rick Santorum pulled out of the race last week, political eyes are solely focused on the all-but-confirmed GOP nominee, Mitt Romney. But what of the little libertarian that could, Ron Paul?

On Sunday afternoon, Ron Paul, accompanied by his main endorser Michael Scheuer (former CIA Bin Laden Unit Leader), will hold a rally at Independence Mall. Paul has won a total of zero states so far, with only 55 delegates, but his campaign is now attempting to target Santorum supporters in hopes of boosting his chances to win the nomination.

Spokesman for Ron Paul, Jesse Benton, explained why he chose Independence Mall for his rally, “his vision for constitutionally-limited government, including the urgent need to restore our economic and civil liberties. The location is highly symbolic, as Philadelphia is the city where our founders conceptualized and established a modest federal government of the kind Dr. Paul has consistently promoted for more than 30 years.”

If interested, head over to Independence Mall Sunday afternoon. No specific time is set.

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Michelle Mass

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