Local News’ Subpar Embed Player Ruins AP Blog Post

Though I am well-versed in the many perils of the blogosphere, nothing irks me more than those crappy embed video players form local news stations. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve written a post and had to scrap it because some in-over-his-head hot shot at Albuquerque News 4 wants his own video player on a budget.

YouTube is here for a reason, folks, and while I respect your need to maximize advertising profits, I’m sick of wasting my time (ok, I should really test the player before writing, but I didn’t). So, today, I take a stand. Here’ what I wrote for this morning. It wasn’t anything great, just a couple bears intimidating a Scranton weather man, but it was mine…

WNEP 16, Scranton and Wilkes-Barre’s inferior version of Action News, had to interrupt a live weather report yesterday after their outdoor studio was besieged by a family of bears.

You’d think that a bunch of rugged, Northeastern/Central Pennsylvania reporters could cope with a few measly, rogue bears, but their weather man’s wavering voice sounds exactly like my mom’s when she gives a play-by-play of the “drunk driver” in front of us on 95 (“Chris, he’s drunk, Chris”).

Meteorologist Kurt Aaron spotted the bear family standing about ten feet away from him after he went outside for his live weather report. He then disregarded EVERYTHING EVERYONE EVER SAYS ABOUT BEARS and ran back into the studio. In context, this sort of makes Glenn “Hurricane” Schwartz look like Vin Diesel.

There you have it. Now, here’s ABC’s YouTube video minus the audibly shaken weatherman who was the crux of this post. If you want to fully experience this blog post, please go to here and watch the extended video on a crap embed player.

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