Cecil B. Moore Freedom Fighters Kill “C.B. Moore” Abbreviation

SEPTA has announced that it will stop abbreviating Cecil B. Moore‘s name to “C.B. Moore” on Route 3 buses that serve Cecil B. Moore Avenue (that’s Columbia Ave for you old heads).

In December, someone at SEPTA decided that abbreviating the route would make signage easier to read and more noticeable for riders, but that same person also failed to anticipate that some residents would take offense.

Enter Cecil B. Moore Freedom Fighters. 13 members of the C.B.M.F.F. (wait, was I not supposed to say that?) turned up at a recent meeting with SEPTA and succeeded in killing the abbreviation they deemed as “disrespectful.”

Melvin Dorn, a leaders of the Cecil B. Moore Freedom Fighters, told Philly.com, “We’re satisfied that they are going to change the name. … We’re satisfied that they promised to make the change. They are doing the right thing.”

SEPTA reports that the signs should be changed within the coming weeks, so prepare to squint.

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