Romney Campaign Responds to Obama Slow-Jamming the News

As soon as we saw Obama slow-jamming the news with The Roots on Jimmy Fallon, we just knew that the Romney campaign would fire back with some first-rate rhetorical Judo to try and pilfer a few brownie points the President scored with college students. Today, Romney’s team released an official response in a memo. Here’s an excerpt:

…Governor Romney has rapidly unified support and begun to capture the imagination of the country with his vision of a pro-growth economy that will lift us out of the Obama doldrums. It was a big speech to mark a big win that begins a big debate about big things.

President Obama, on the other hand, spent the week slow-jamming the news, striking a Heisman pose, and trying to pick a fight over student loans to help the one-in-two recent college graduates who are either jobless or underemployed as a result of his policies (which is apparently really funny stuff to the President). Unfortunately for him, Republicans agree with the need for a temporary extension, but want it paid for by cutting spending rather than raising taxes. So instead of the fight he was hoping for, he got a debate over taxes and spending – which he wasn’t hoping for.

Wow, this is nastier than we thought, but it does manage to divert attention from the rising cost in college tuition, which, incidentally, is an issue Romney and Obama somewhat agree on.

Allow me to bore you with facts: On July 1st, the College Cost Reduction and Access Act expires and if Congress chooses not extend the bill, interest rates on college loans could double from  3.4% to 6.8%. Both Romney and Obama have urged Congress to extend the act, but Romney’s team, as you can see from the press release, has to chosen to side-step this fact and simply make fun of the POTUS for being sexy while raising the specious argument that his policies alone are the source of millenials un(der)employment woes.

Politics as usual, we just wished The Roots didn’t have to get dragged into all this.

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