Jimmy Kimmel Destroys Chris Christie at White House Correspondents’ Dinner

This weekend was the annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner and, just like high school, Governor Chris Christie’s bulbous fat mass was the subject of numerous laughs, this time from host Jimmy Kimmel.

But before we get to the jokes, a quick note to whoever was in charge of the seating arrangement: While I understand it must be hard to appease the denizens of political and media rivals with a carefully constructed seating chart, did you really have to plop Chris Christie next to Sofia Vergara? Never before has my limbic system experienced so much pleasure/aversion whiplash; it felt like I was watching the Miss Universe swimsuit competition reflected through the cold, dead eyes of a morbidly obese, retired wrestler who’s addicted to human growth hormone.

Anyway, to the jokes. Kimmel deftly riffed on the First Lady’s anti-obesity campaign and Chris Christie’s, shall we say, familiarity with the epidemic. Thankfully, Christie’s repressed his inner pro wrestler and took the jabs in stride, though, I’d imagine sitting next to Sofia Vergara helped in that effort somewhat.

(Christie bit starts at 1:34)

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