PuppyWars App Merges Your Love of Dogs and Need to Dominate the Entire World

The world’s undying love of dogs (and various online pictures featuring said dogs) is undeniable, but there is one pressing question that still goes unanswered: Which of the world’ puppies is the cutest?

That’s the question the people at Cleaversoft want, nay, need answered. So, with the help of local developers Transmogrify, they’ve developed the new PuppyWars app, which will crowdsource photos of the earth’s puppy population and determine which is the pup that rules them all.  (Note: Please don’t confuse this app with the similarly named, yet vastly more violent app, Dog Wars.)

Though I’m sure that the selection process to determine an eventual champion will be long and arduous, the app itself is easy to use. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Take photos of your dog(s). They don’t have to be doing anything cute, per se, but keep in mind that a composite photo of Precious crapping on you neighbor’s lawn won’t win you any brownie points.

Step 2: Make a slideshow using the app.

Step 3: Release your photos to the world. Warning: Your pet will be judged.

Step 4: Turn your phone horizontally to vote for a pup (you cannot vote for your own).

Step 5: Sit back in your chair and ready yourself for universal pet-domination.

Those of you lonely, lonely people without a dog can still use PuppyWars to conveniently peruse photos of dogs that are up for adoption in your local area, with the option to easily call or email your nearest shelter.

The PuppyWars app also allows users to gain PawChievements, which are sort of like Gamer Points for people without a crippling addiction to Halo. And while the app is free, there is some extra content you can buy, with 5% of proceeds going directly to the ASPCA.

Download the app here.

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