Phweird: ETSY Papercraft Depicts Monk’s Getting Hit by a SEPTA Bus

We like Monk’s; it makes you feel like you’re in an Ingmar Bergman film circa 1930, plus, they have like 2,000 beers, most of which consistently dwarf even the most seasoned beer snobs’ ego. That said, we’re not sure how to feel about this “papercraft” that was listed on Etsy by artist Ronnie Ribant.

The piece was inspired by an incident that occurred in August of 2010, when a SEPTA bus crashed into the side of Monk’s. No one was hurt, and Monk’s eventually reopened and went on to do its thing.

But, what exactly are we supposed to do with this? Is it a toy? A joke? An ironic spin on those Princess Diana commemorative plates? It’s listed at a mere $2.75 (plus $1.75 S&H), along with other papercrafts, but you have to put the thing together yourself, and its difficulty level is listed as “Black-expert,”  whatever that means.

Can someone please tell us how to feel about this?

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