Where to Watch the Super Moon Descend on Philadelphia

Start practicing your Instagram skills; the Super Moon is almost upon us, and you will want to take an out-of-focus picture. The phenomenon occurs when a full moon coincides with its closest orbit to earth, and experts say that should take place in Philly on the night of May 5th.

Chief astronomer at the Franklin Institute Derek Pitts tells Philly Mag, “Most people don’t realize, but the moon will appear 14 percent larger in the sky and will look 25 to 30 percent brighter.” While 14% may not seem all that “super,” Super Moon wants you to know that he will appear the largest and most intimidating when he reaches the horizon, as familiar surrounding objects fool the human eye into perceiving Super Moon as much larger than he actually is.

Some argue that the presence of the Super Moon causes increased incidents of earth quakes and volcanic eruptions. And while Super Moon totally wants you to think that, according to Wikipedia, that theory is suspect at best.

For your best vantage point of Super Moon, look for a clear view of the east; Pitts says, “Belmont Plateau would be great… The other place is, if you’re out at Penn’s Landing looking out over Camden taking the moon up over the river and the bridges.”

Read more about Super Moon over at Philly Mag.

Photo courtesy of General Blog

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